JAVI is HERE!!!!!!


DUSK UNTIL DAWN is LIVE and out in the world!!! I am so excited to share this book with you!!!!  Since it’s also #TeaserTuesday, get a load of what happens when Javi and Maya finally give in to their mad chemistry….


“Take off your pants.” She made a motion toward the wool slacks that showed every inch of his hard on. It made her mouth water, but she wouldn’t be putting him in her mouth until he’d spent a good long time on his knees. For now, she wanted to take a good look at what she’d bought and paid for with one night—and a piece of her soul.
“You first.”
She shook her head. “That’s not how this is going to go. Not until I say. Now. Take. Off. Your. Pants.”
His mouth kicked up in a wicked grin that made her skin flush and her panties soak even more. Her very expensive panties that made her feel too vulnerable for his eyes just yet. He paused, but then he obeyed.
“Your wish.” He pulled off his shirt with one hand, over the back. Fucked.
“If my wish was my command, your pants would be off and you would be on your fucking knees thanking me for showing up here.” Her voiced cracked a little on the edges, and she hoped that he wouldn’t notice.
To find out what happens next, grab the book at any of the e-tailers below:

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