DUSK UNTIL DAWN in less than 2 Weeks!

Sensual woman kissing her husband

Dusk Until Dawn is coming in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!!! Some early reviews are already coming in, and apparently Javi and Maya are hitting readers in the feels, which is like catnip for a writer.

I’ve started posting teasers over on my Facebook Page–which you should totally follow if you don’t, and I thought I’d post last week’s #TeaserTuesday post here:

“This isn’t about getting my dick wet, Maya.”
“How do I know that?”
“Because, if it was, I wouldn’t consider a ten thousand dollar suit a small price to pay for seeing you smile with satisfaction.”
She laughed. “I’m sorry about the suit.”
He shook his head and a few strands of the hair she’d pulled out of his ponytail hit his face. “No, you’re not. But I don’t want you to be sorry. I want you to say yes.”
“Why? Give me one good reason.” She didn’t know whether she was rooting for him to fail or rooting for him to succeed.
He cocked his head to one side and licked his bottom lip. Lech. “Remember what I said when I promised to let you go?”
Of course she did. Nothing about that conversation had faded from her memory. “That this doesn’t mean that we’re not still friends.”
“We are still friends, Maya. A ruined suit and the way I want to fuck you six ways until next week doesn’t change that. I haven’t had anything like our friendship in a long time, and I miss you.”

If you want to find out what happens when Javi and Maya try to rekindle their friendship, make sure you pre-order Dusk Until Dawn today!



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